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As stay at home orders replaced vacations to our favorite destinations around the globe, there was a clear void in our lives. We love to travel, our family and friends would say we live to travel. We began a new journey to create a stay-at-home experience that allowed explorers to taste the vacation they had been dreaming about all year.

We found lighting our favorite candles became a new habit to change the ambiance of our static scenery. A few Le Labo candles later, we realized our idea was staring us right in the face the entire time. A gateway to relive old memories and imagine new ones would be an impeccable embodiment of the natural aura of our favorite destinations.

As we engulfed ourselves in understanding the candle industry, we quickly learned that many popular candle brands utilize materials that are bad for the environment, or worse – our health. We also learned that the cost of creating a fine fragrance could be quite expensive, but not nearly as expensive as department stores would like us to believe.

Next Stop Candles was founded on three important pillars; to take you on a vacation with the light of a match, to provide the absolute highest quality product at a fraction of our favorite brand’s price, and most importantly – that in the process we could help out hospitality and tourism workers that had lost their livelihood.

We partnered with Pray For Humanity – a 501(c)3 charity to create a campaign that would support those in need. For every purchase, a donation is made to Pray For Humanity’s Hospitality Support Fund – which helps people who have taken such good care of us all while they wait to resume their careers.

From the bottom of our hearts we hope to take you on the vacation you deserved this year and inspire you to stay strong; your next stop is not too far away.

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